Awards, Information Cards, and LD Winners Packets

Awards, Information Cards, and Packets for LD Debate Coaches of Winning Debaters

Individual medals will be awarded to first through sixth place winners in academic events (except for LD Debate and One-Act Play) and athletic events. Plaques are presented in team events. Region IV will present trophies for overall first place and runner up. Information Cards and LD Debate winners’ packets for those advancing to the State Meet will be distributed at each awards ceremony. Awards for the various events will be presented as follows:

One-Act Play presented at the Bastrop PAC immediately following the last performance and after certification by the Regional One-Act Play Director.
Academic and Literary presented in Flowers Hall, room 341 directly after the event and after certification by the Director General. Region IV will present a trophy to the Regional Academic champions, to the school with the highest total points in all academic events, according to Section 902(m) of the Constitution and Contest Rules of UIL. This trophy will be presented as soon as final results are available.  One Act Play results may affect this presentation.  
Athletic Events presented at the event site immediately following the golf, tennis, and track and field events and after certification by the respective meet director.