One-Act Play




APRIL 16, 2019


1315 East Cedar Street

Seguin, TX 78155



Daryl Fleming
3278 FM 1978
San Marcos TX 78666
512-753-9476 (cell)


Travis Springfield
9809 Madeline Alyssa Court
Houston, TX 77025
Kelly Parker
4016 Amanda Drive
Salado, TX 76561
Joy Morton
1665 W Hwy 60
Friona, TX  79035

Important Documents


Please mail judge’s script ASAP. Do not require a signature. I have instructed the judges to not accept any script which requires a signature. Do not send a File which must be downloaded. Scripts must be the published copy with acting lines clearly indicated. Photocopies or manuscripts are only permitted if you show you have permission to copy. (Please include permission to copy with your script.)


Participating schools do not send entry fees to the Regional Director. Each District Director will handle all entry fees for a district and then bill respective schools for the amount owed. The entry fee for each one-act play is $500.00. Entry fees must be in prior to competition.

District Chairpersons from these Districts are to collect all required fees from each school within their district. Individual schools shall NOT send fees to the Regional Director or the Fiscal Director.  Please see the for more details.

By Noon the day after your Area Contest:

(1) Region Contestant Entry form. Make any necessary corrections to contestant entry, play and set information and additional directors via the UIL Spring Meet Entry System. Go to the Theatre page and click on the “Make Changes” link. The instructions can be found at that link.

(2) Submit the Region Contestant Entry Form.

(3) Have you administrator sign the “Community Standards and Copyright Compliance Form”. This form shall NOT be signed until the administrator signing has seen the production as it will be performed at Region.

I will pull the program information from the UIL website unless you want to email me your program copy.


This form must be signed by your principal and presented to the Contest Manager before you begin the official rehearsal.


  • Proof of royalty payment
  • Publisher or author permission to cut (if performing a long play)
  • UIL permission to produce plays not on the approved list, if applicable
  • UIL approval for additions to the basic set, if any
  • Official script showing all cuts and approved adaptations with music cues clearly indicated with duration and cumulative total
  • An official script with music cues clearly indicated with duration and a Signed Music log with times included. You are required to note if the cue is from a copyrighted work, original music, or in the Public Domain.
  • Signed Standards and Copyright Compliance Form signed by your administrator
  • Substitution Forms, if applicable.
  • Approval from Publisher or Author allowing gender change of listed characters 

Additional Information

Directors’ Meeting
The directors’ meeting with the Adjudicators, contest manager and timekeepers will be held at 11:45 a.m. on Tuesday, April 16, 2019. Be prepared to give starting and ending cues to the timekeepers.

Rehearsal Schedule

Site: Seguin High School Performing Arts Center.  Monday, April 15.

Rehearsals will start at 1 pm on April 15.  Official rehearsals are 60 minutes.  Rehearsal order will be determined by distance.  If you plan to spend Monday night in or around Seguin, please let me know.  Those unable to rehearse on Monday may rehearse Tuesday morning but time is limited to two companies only.

Keep in mind that your storage space is limited.  Schools should arrive at least 30 minutes before scheduled rehearsal.  Give yourself travel time but if you arrive too early, you may have to wait on your bus awhile. Please note C&CR Section 1033 (c) (2) (E) internal communication system.  If you do not wish to use the house system, then you must declare your communication system as part of the basic set and allow all companies to use it.)

Performance Order

Performance order was determined by blind draw.  A, B, C shows are determined alphabetically by show title, excluding articles.  Shows beginning with numbers are alphabetized by the first letter of the number word (3 = three, first letter T).  All shows run on the hour and start at 1:00 p.m.

  1. Area 2 B
  2. Area 2 C
  3. Area 1 C
  4. Area 1 A
  5. Area 1 B
  6. Area 2 A

Please tell your audiences to arrive early for your performance.

Admission is $5.

Companies wishing to record light cues must bring a flash drive. 


The UIL OAP unit set.  You will have to bring doors or windows to the theatre depending on your use. Please bring spike tape only if you have a preferred color (let me know ahead of time to ward off duplication). 


The casts are reminded not to re-enter the auditorium in makeup or costume after the performance. Remind your students, too, that access to the auditorium while a play is in progress will be strictly limited. Finally, ask your students to be quiet in the hallways, in the lobby, and backstage because sound travels easily.

Awards and Critiques

The announcement of advancing plays, the presentation of awards, and the oral critique will follow the last performance as soon as the judges are ready.


Daryl Fleming
Contest Manager

PS:  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you might have.  Email is the best way, but you can try calling my cell in a pinch.